1-24-09 : Bloody Nose from Zack Merrick

Squire and I got in a fight over a bass part and we ended up getting in a fight. First I threw my bass, and he retaliated by throwing a mic. I then got up and pushed him, and he did some Matrix style levitation move and punched me in the nose. I bled all over the studio and we called a truce. He might be small, but he's got some moves. Don't mess with him!

1-24-09 : 311 from Jack Barakat

We're working on 5 songs with Squire right now and we just realized every single one is 3 minutes and 11 seconds...wow

Rian starts tracking tomorrow. We're working on changing the bridges to a few songs and finalizing the structures so Rian can lay down the beatz tomorrow!

1-23-09 : Watch This from Alex Gaskarth


1-23-09 : Band Rehearsal from Alex Gaskarth

Hello Internetland
The whole band is in the live room today figuring out the songs as a full band. Up to now they have each individually demoed their parts direct into a computer, so now the time has come to play them out and make any last minute changes. Other then the first day they were here they haven't played as a full band since december 28th so needless to say they are pretty rusty but its coming together. Im sitting here in the control room watching them play and capturing footage. Since all four of them are playing, no ones here to blog so I figured I would do it for the day.

Ill post some footage of the full band rehearsal a little later. For now enjoy Rian's reaction to "One Guy, One Cup"


1-22-09 : Ro-de-o or Ro-d-o?? from Rian Dawson

Yesterday was kind of boring so none of us had anything exciting to write about, but today...yes today is the day all of the magic happens! Well not really, today is just more of what we call pre-pro. Basically we sit around with Squire and listen to all of the demos and rip them apart and put them back together. Its a long tedious process and probably the hardest part of recording. We have to make final decisions on all of the songs during pre-pro because once I lay down drums the songs can't be changed structurally. Today we hit the studio around 3 and will probably play all of the songs live to get a better feel for them. Its much different hearing the song on a computer vs hearing it live and feeling it out.

1-21-09 : Its way too late...

It's 11:49pm. Squire and I are still busting out the hooks and Keith [Manager] is fast asleep...fucker!

1-20-09 : Snow vs. Sand from Zack Merrick

  Its 23 degrees and snowing in MD, and 80 degrees here in Huntington Beach, CA [my new home] Fuck Yeah! The Superbowl sucks this year. It should have been the Eagles vs. Ravens so we could embarrass them and Matt [Flyzik] again. Oh well...

Rolled over to the studio yesterday. It was great to finally see everyone since I moved out here. We jammed and pieced together some of the new stuff. Today we [me, Rian, and Jack] took the day off so Matt [Squire] and Alex could work on some guitar parts and melodies. Back to the studio tomorrow.

1-20-09 : JAGK Posters from Jack Barakat

  Alex and Squire are working on some guitar parts, and I just signed 300 posters. My hand is going to fall off! Thanks to everyone that got a JAGK shirt today. Off to FedEx and then back to the studio

1-20-09 : First Day from Rian Dawson

Hey Guys
We had our first day in the studio today. It was the first time all of us have touched our instruments in the last 3-4 weeks, so it was rough at first but it all came together. We're back at it with the mastermind that is Matt Squire. Good things to come. Should start tracking drums on Wednesday. Good start today. Ill keep up with this as much as possible

1-20-09: DAY ONE from Alex Gaskarth

Back to work, ladies!
We hit the studio today - full band; amps, drums, and a giant mess of noise. Pre-production takes time, not only to learn the new material, but to actually structure the songs into cohesive works so that, with any luck, they'll beat out Rihanna for the number one spot when the jam drops. So far so good. I'll keep ya posted! :)

1-19-09 from Jack Barakat

We're Number One!

JB Star