Save a Jack, Jack Off a JAGK.: Jack Barakat

Wow! The response to the first day of JAGK was huge! I can't thank you guys enough for supporting my new line. A couple items are already sold out and should be restocked by this friday. I would love to take you all for a ride on my unicorn but that's physically impossible. Maybe one day we can make it happen.

Update: Everything is restocked, you can now order any shirt and size, the latest it will ship will be Jan 30th.

Watch pineapple express.

cookie tits,Jagk

JAGK!: Jack Barakat

Hey You Guysssssss!
       As I sit here typing this blog Alex is demoing vocals for a new's fucking sick. On a side note, today is a big day.  Starting today we are going to have a new President and I could not be more stoked :). Also in case you haven't noticed, my new Glamour Kills line drops today. Me and the owner Marky have been working on this for a few months so we're super excited to finally release it to the public. Our band has been wearing GK for a couple years, so its pretty crazy to have my own line now. I want to thank everyone who supports this band and supports what we do on the side. Hopefully I get to make out with all of you in the near future. I decided to start with 3 designs and depending on how well they do we will make many more. So spread the word! Oh and I forgot to mention...the first 300 orders get a free signed GK poster from yours truly.

See you fckers this spring,

These Hands Catch Fire: Alex Gaskarth

I blur the lines that define who I am and where I'm going to be,
I break down walls and build bridges that span the sea,
These hands catch fire and ignite the things I hold dearest to me,
so what is the consequence,
when I've got the whole world at my finger tips?

AP's band of the year? Life gets crazy.

Thank you.

Alternative Press

Rando-Dand: Alex Gaskarth

 I'm about to head over to St. John's Hamilton. My voice is gone from a night of yelling at meat-head, shit-bags who wanted to fight us at a bar. The world is full of lovely people.

Nothing could ruin this weekend for me. I'm twenty-one tomorrow. Weird feeling. I've been on the Earth for over two decades. Whaaaat?!?

The new Reject's record is awesome. Its streaming over on theirspace. Hit it up.

See you all out there!

Arrogance: Alex Gaskarth


I set foot on the train tracks,
the very place I was forbidden to go,
and I was terrified.

What's a boy to do,
when his curiosity abounds,
and the faint and haunting sounds,
taunt a tireless youth to step up to the confession booth,
where not a single thing adds up,
and a guilty verdict's met by some wandering fool's bad luck.
Open the gates to a stranger,
as in the eye of God he was all he could be; himself,
unafraid and blindly defiant,
young, abrasive,
yet soft, pliant.
He had served his years,
and his God had not lived those days,
those hours,
those minutes,
those seconds.
His God had not tasted those drinks, and kissed those lips,
he had not tried on those clothes,
or watched the countless numbers of doors close,
he had not noticed the pair of eyes shedding the tears with every death witnessed,
the pair of feet, unfailing and reliable,
the pair of hands, curious and calloused,
or the memories longing to be told as tales,
again and again for centuries.
Arrogant boy,
love yourself so no one else has to,
and when they lock the gates before you,
find a way to climb them.

Manage Me: Alex Gaskarth

Manage me,
I am a mess,
swept under the rug of yesterday's home improvement,
a whimsical urge tossed aside for the easy reassurance of home and comfort.
I am the photograph tucked away as a book-mark,
in a book left half unread,
once reopened to find memories crawling back into peripheral sight,
faded, creased and lonely.
I long to be admired,
long to be held, torn and laughed at,
laughed with,
like a distant relative or an old friend breathing in their last breath.
I missed the moment when time collapsed and memory was erased,
replaced by finicky social experiments,
lost in the blur of intoxication,
sucked through multi-colored bendy-straws,
making way for a spinning world where hub-caps stood still,
but our vision didn't.
If I could leave you with only one thing,
it would be small, foldable, and made from trees,
with a few careless words,
scribbled in blue;

Take a minute to learn me,
take a moment to love me,
because I need your love to live,
and without it,
I am nothing.